Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Celebrations

Our Easter festivities were small this year because Drew had to work both the night before and the night of.  Our morning started out as usual since Drew was sleeping.  Once he woke up, we brought Annelise's Easter basket out to the living room so that she could see what the Easter Bunny brought her.
I went fairly small this year since she just received gifts from her birthday and there isn't much that she needs.  The water shoes and coloring book will be brought with us when we go on vacation, books are always a good idea, and then I bought two new pairs of pajamas.

She really wasn't too impressed with any of it.  She quickly tore it all out of the basket and then moved on to open the gifts from Eric, Jess, and Wes.
She really wasn't overly impressed with that stuff either.  Honestly, I think that she was just hungry and ready to go eat.  (She has since played with practically everything.)

Drew, Rachel, Annelise, and I loaded up in the car and went over to Drew's parent's house for lunch.  I snapped a few pictures while we waited for the food to be ready.
Isn't her outfit adorable?  It was absolutely gorgeous here today and was probably around 80 degrees!  After the winter that we've had, I couldn't be happier to finally have some warm weather.

After we ate, we went outside for a family picture.
It's so weird to think that these holidays that we are celebrating are our last holidays as a family of three.  Next year, we'll have a little boy in our family.  I almost feel like we didn't have enough with just us three.  But, I know that Annelise is going to be a great big sister and will love having a brother.

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