Thursday, April 3, 2014

Birthday Fun

Drew and I thought that we would take Annelise over to Nicholas Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit as a fun activity to do on her birthday.  We've never been there, so I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I thought that she would at least have a little fun.
The Conservatory is kept very warm and humid, much like a tropical climate.  There are lots of plants, flowers, and trees that thrive in those conditions.  Everything was gorgeous and there was so much to look at.
The butterfly exhibit was in a netted enclosure that was decent sized, but not too large.  We opened the door and walked inside and the butterflies were flying all around.  Most were perched on the walls or flowers.  One landed on me and I bent down to show Annelise, but she was not too sure about it.  I tried to tell her that it wouldn't hurt her and even put the butterfly on my finger, but she wasn't a fan.  She just wanted to get out of the enclosure and go explore more.
Here she's checking out the koi fish in the pond.  She bent down to get a closer look, but she was a little unsure of those too.
She soon discovered these natural stone stairs and went up and down them about a gabillion times.  Meanwhile, I tried to not hyperventilate that she would trip and end up in the pond.  Thankfully, she didn't.  After letting her roam and explore for a bit, we coaxed her outside to go look at what was out there.  We walked around the paths and she got to see some ducks in the pond that was still a little frozen.
After we got done exploring the Conservatory, we came home so that she could take a nap.  Once she woke up, we went and got some ice cream, which is her favorite, and some dinner.

I just can't believe that my little girl is two years old now!

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