Thursday, December 8, 2011

Once You Go Mac. . . .

Drew and I joined the dark side last night.
We have been looking at getting a Mac and doing research and hemming and hawing it for quite a few months.  Honestly, it's been over a year.

We made the plunge last night since they were on sale at Best Buy.  We originally went to Best Buy to buy a power cord for our wireless router since Luuuucifer (Leo) chewed through it.  They didn't have just a power cord, so we had to buy a whole new router.  While we were there, we looked at the Macs (for about the gabillionth time) and finally decided to just buy the darn thing already.  We already knew that we weren't going to be exchanging Christmas gifts, so we bought it as our gift to each other.

After we left Best Buy, we went to Office Depot to purchase the desk that we've been eyeing for a few weeks.  What was our old office is becoming the nursery, and we're changing what was a spare bedroom into the new office.  The new desk will be here tomorrow and then I plan on spending the rest of the weekend in organization mode.  Our house has been chaos since we've starting cleaning the nursery out and I am so ready to have some organization back into my life.

I'll post some pics in a few days!

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Breanna said...

This is too funny...I posted the exact same post (almost the same title and everything) a few days ago! :)

We are LOVING our iMac! :)