Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend.  On Saturday, Drew and I went to his cousin's wedding.
Brad, who is Drew's cousin and was the photographer for our wedding, was the photographer for this wedding.  It was great to catch up with him.  The ceremony was at a beautiful church in Aurora.  I think it was one of the quickest ceremonies I have ever seen.  No complaints here though!

After the ceremony, there was a receiving line.  We met the bride's parents for the first time.  When Drew introduced me to her mom, she said, "Well, you look like you're about 12".  I know that people don't mean it bad, but it really is rather insulting.  People could at least say that I look legal :)

The reception was held at a beautiful golf club.  We were dubbed the "cool table" and we really had a great group of people.  They were all new people and we definitely made new friends.
This is Charlotte, me, and Ali.  Charlotte and Ali are from Tennessee and Ali has known Rob (the groom) for many years.  Rachel and her husband, Noah, were also at our table.  Seriously, such fun people.  During dinner, I decided to try a little White Zinfandel, basically because the color of it looked pretty.  Who knew that it tasted so good!?!  I had three glass of wine that night, which is about two more glasses than I usually have.  I was feeling good!

I looked over during dinner and saw Ibrahim snuggled up on Brad.  He was so sleepy and looked adorable trying to sleep.

Sunday, I went to Amanda's baby shower.  I'm lame, and didn't take any pictures.  Frankly, it was hard for me.  I really hope that I'm at least pregnant at the next baby shower that I attend.

The other Drew is in town this week with his family, so after the shower, I met up with everybody (Drew was already with them) and we hung out for awhile.  Emma is talking up a storm and I can't believe that she's going to be 2 in a couple of months.  Where does the time go?


Kelly Jean said...

I'm avoiding a baby shower in June unless I'm preggo. You are braver than I!!

Dana said...

I am with and Kelly Jean. I am planning a baby shower for May and know that I will have to help for to others this summer since they were bridesmaids in my wedding. I am hope to be pregnant by this summer but I am trying not to worry about it. God will make a way.

It looks like you had fun at your baby shower.

Dana said...

I must have baby shower on the mind, I think that I just typed baby shower instead of wedding. Sorry. I meant, it looks like you had fun at the wedding this weekend. Put it to the head and not to the heart.