Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catching Up

I've been quite the blog slacker lately, but for very good reason.  I have finally decided to take the plunge and open my own photography business.  I have been hard at work researching so many different things, setting up the blog that I'm going to launch, working on pricing details, and did I mention researching?

Drew has been hard at work on the basement.  I promise that I will take some pictures tomorrow or the next day and post some progress.  It's grown bigger than we originally planned.  Don't projects always work that way?  The other Drew is coming into town mid April, so Drew is shooting to have it done by then.

I'm planning on going tomorrow to get my business license.  I'm so excited!  I've really been trying hard to get all of my ducks in a row before opening things up to clients.  I'm just about ready and I'm so nervous and anxious and excited about it.

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