Thursday, June 24, 2010

Extreme Thanks

When I got home from work today, the first thing I did was go to the mailbox. Are you surprised? When I got in the house, I flipped through its contents.

Junk, junk, bank statement, junk, credit card off, junk, card addressed to Drew, junk, and junk.

I did what any good wife would do, and ripped open that card right away.

Here is where I should probably tell you that on Sunday, Drew and I purchased a treadmill from Sears. We talked with a really nice guy, named Josh, who educated us on the different bells and whistles of the different models. We found out that he works on commission because we were exactly going to purchase it that day. We did ultimately decide to just purchase it because we knew that it was something that we have talked about for a while and both wanted.

Inside that envelope addressed to Drew was a card. A thank you card from Sears. More specifically, a hand-written thank you card from Josh, our salesman.

I could hardly believe it. The card was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. and very explicitly thanked us for our purchase of the treadmill. He also reminded us of the cartridge that we can purchase for personalized workouts. And, he even made a joke about something that we were discussing during our conversations with him.

I am seriously impressed. This is good customer service folks!! This small little gesture will most definitely bring me back to the store.

Have you experienced any outstanding customer service lately?

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