Monday, June 28, 2010

Capturing the Light

We've had a rather stormy week here. Drew and I decided that we would try to take some lightning pictures. Um.... yeah.... It is definitely A LOT harder than it looks.

I had my shutter speed set at 8 seconds. 8 seconds!! Do you know how hard it is to hold the camera still for 8 seconds? I don't have a tripod, so it's very hard, in case you're wondering. And it never failed. I would press my shutter and as soon as the shutter closed, lightning would flash almost instantly. After about 20 times of this happening, I said, "Screw you Mother Nature. I'll show you!", and I extended my shutter speed to 10 seconds.

It didn't help any, in case you were wondering. I did manage to snap a few though. Enjoy!

058.jpg picture by littleonex8

046.jpg picture by littleonex8

Here's actually a good lightning shot. Too bad all the rest of the picture is pretty blurry.



Lesson learned: I need a tripod!

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