Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Two Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

It feels like you should be so much older than two months.  I can't remember what it was like before you were here.  Well, I do remember that it was a little quieter, and I had a little more free time.  But, both are changes that come with a new baby and you are so worth it.

Sleep is still going very well.  I'm so thankful that you sleep as well as you do.  I almost hate to talk about it because I don't want to jinx it.  You can put yourself to sleep often, and that makes me very proud.  Basically, you sleep all night.  Some nights are harder than others to get you down, depending on how overstimulated you are.  Once you're asleep, you usually sleep until at least 5 AM.  Most of time, you sleep even later.  Typically, you will fall back asleep after eating and sleep for a couple more hours.  Honestly, you really do sleep all morning, with a little awake time if I really force it on you.  However, once you wake up in the afternoon, you're generally up until it's time for you to go to bed.  This needs to be fixed.  You get so cranky at night from both overstimulation and exhaustion.  Buddy, just take a late afternoon/early evening nap and we'll all be happier!
You started smiling this month.  I had forgotten just how absolutely thrilling it is for a newborn to smile.  I feel like you love me so much when you give me that huge, gummy grin.  You've even started to coo a little bit as you smile.  It's small and quiet, but you'll say "Ahh" and I just melt.

Mommy went back to "work" this month and you've stayed with Daddy all day.  I miss you so much while I'm gone, but I know that you're in great hands, and that it's good for both of us for me to get away a little bit.  I was fully expecting you to nurse like crazy when I got home, but you didn't seem to miss it that much.

Daddy got the Bumbo out yesterday and put you in it for the first time.  You really seem to like to be able to sit up and see everything.  You smile and look all around.  After a little bit, you start to slump some and I know that you're over it and we need to switch to a different position.  I can't believe how strong you are already.  You hate tummy time, of course, but we need to work on it more so that you can work on rolling.
Annelise still adores you.  One day, she decided that she would pick you up out of your swing and put you on the couch.  Daddy discovered you both.  I was a little terrified when he told me.  I'm so thankful that she didn't drop you, and now we're watching her even closer.  I never thought that she would actually pick you up.  You are starting to watch her even more and you have a look of contentment on your face.  However, you save all the smiles for me.  I won't be selfish, you can give your sister some too!

You weigh 12 pounds 15.5 ounces (73rd percentile) and 23.5 inches long (65th percentile).  You are in a size one diaper, and 0-3 month clothing.  You are 1 pound 13 ounces and 2 inches bigger than your sister was at her 2 month appointment.

Harrison, I knew that I was going to love you, but I never imagined that it would be this much.  It's amazing how much my heart just swells with love when I see you.  Watching you grow and get bigger and reach new milestones is so bittersweet.  With your sister, I was so anxious to have her grow up and do new things.  With you, I know how fast it goes and I want it to slow down.  It's so crazy how different things are, but different in such a good way.

Love always,

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