Sunday, March 30, 2014

A 2nd Birthday Party

We decided to have Annelise's 2nd birthday party the Sunday before her birthday this year because it worked out better for Drew's schedule.  This year, her party was smaller, but really just in the fact that I didn't go crazy decorating like I did for her first birthday party.  This year, I just bought some balloons and strung up a banner.  I sort of figured that next year she will have an opinion and want a themed party and I can go crazy then.

We were so blessed to have so many family and friends come.  And, while gifts were completely unnecessary, our little girl was showered with many gifts.

Last year, we had mini cupcakes for all the guests to eat.  This year, Drew insisted that we have a cake. Absolutely insisted!  And, he requested ice cream too!
The birthday girl LOVED her cake and ice cream!
Drew created his own little version of "Up" with all the balloons!!

We had such an amazing time celebrating with our little girl.  It's so hard to believe that another year of her life has flown by.  I tell people all the time that this second year has gone so much faster than the first.  It's just crazy!

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