Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Never Too Late

I had grand plans of doing a blog post at the first of year, like everyone does, and talking about what happened last year and what I want to achieve this year.  However, that post didn't happen when I wanted it to.  Better late than never, right.

Last year was filled with lots of ups and downs.  Infertility treatments dominated a lot of our thoughts.  Just when we thought that we had won over the IF devil, reality smacked me in the face and we were left to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts and mourn the loss of a baby.  However, I'm not one to stay down for long, and we quickly tried again.  Thankfully, that baby has proven to be our sticky baby and she is currently kicking away.  (She has a tendency to do that when I sit scrunched up, as if to tell me that I'm cramping her space.)

I also launched my photography business, Tania Beth Photography.  My website is in desperate need of updating, and that is definitely part of my goals.

We have been blessed that Drew has the job that he does.  He brings home a great paycheck and enjoys the work.  He works long hours, which we both dislike at times, but we know that it's not forever.

So, what are our plans for the upcoming year?  Well, we are so excited that we will be adding a daughter to our family.  We are so anxiously awaiting her arrival, just not too soon!  Our lives are going to change more than we can even imagine at this point.  And, we're excited for it!

We also plan on really focusing and working on our finances.  We plan on paying off some bills and bulking up our savings account.  We have some good foundations laid, we just need to stick to the plan.

We also have a bunch of home improvement projects that we want to do this year, both inside and outside. We've sort of dubbed this year "The Year of the Outside" since we haven't done a whole lot of work to the outside of the house.  Our house has wood siding that is in desperate need of repair and painting.  That will probably be our big project for the year.  I can't tell you how excited I will be drive to drive up to a newly painted house.

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