Wednesday, September 21, 2011

13 Weeks: Goodbye First Tri

I have officially left the first trimester with my entry into 13 weeks. 

I went to the RE's office yesterday for another blood work appointment to check my hormone levels.  Everything looks great and I can stay off of all of the meds that I was on.  At one point I was taking Anaprox morning, afternoon and night, Estradiol morning and night, Divigel morning and night, progesterone suppositories morning and night, Prometrium afternoon, and my prenatal vitamins at night.  That is a lot of medication to be taking.  Thankfully, I was able to stop everything last week, and since everything still looks great, I'm officially finished.

However, that also means that I am done with appointments at the RE.  It's bittersweet really.  I have spent so much time there that it's weird to not have an appointment next week.  Or for a long time for that matter.  We won't be going back until we do our next FET.  And that's going to be at least a year after this little one is born.  We will be stopping in to show off the babe though.

And, I should share some of the best news that I have heard during this whole process, besides when I was told that I was pregnant.  I had to decide on a new OBGYN when I got pregnant since I don't want to return to the one that I was seeing before I started going to the RE.

I should point out that I had a bleeding scare a few weeks ago on a Friday night.  Of course, it was really late and when I called the RE's office, I got their after hours line.  I guess my RE was out of town, so I was connected with an on call OB.  The OB was very nice and reassured me that everything was ok and there wasn't any reason to be concerned.  The OB even called me the next day to check up on me.  I mean, how sweet and caring is that?  Not too many doctors do that.  Well, at least none of the doctors that I've had.

So, I decided to pick that OB.  In my back of my mind, I had a concern though.  The doctor's name is the only one listed for the practice.  So, what happens if I go into labor and he's on vacation?  Do I just get Joe Blow whom I've never met delivering my baby.  Nope!  The doctor who covers the OB that I've chosen?  My RE!!!

How freakin' awesome is that?!?!?!!!

I seriously felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders when I heard that.  So, it may not be the last time I see the RE; he may be there to deliver the baby.

Nothing much has changed from last week in terms of symptoms.  I still have my good and bad days with the morning sickness, still get RLP (round ligament pain), still sore occasionally.

I did cry over some french fries today.  After Maya's training class, we stopped by a local pizza place and then went to Drew's parent's house.  The pizza just wasn't that appetizing to me.  I asked Drew if we could stop at Burger King and get some french fries on the way home.  It was about 9 PM when we got there.  I got my fries, took one bite, and they sucked!  I could tell they were old.  So, Drew drove back around and asked if we could get some fresh fries.  4 minutes later, we were on our way.  I had about 4 fries and Drew looked over at me to find me bawling.  They just weren't as good as I pictured them in my head.  I was so over something sounding good in my head only to taste like crap when I finally got it.  And I just lost it.  I bawled all the way home.  I mean, seriously sobbed.  And Drew?  Well, he just laughed at me.  I looked at him at one point and told him that I couldn't believe I was crying over french fries.  I'm a hot mess!

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