Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eight Months - Harrison

Dear Harrison,

Another month has flown by and you just keep growing and changing right before my eyes.  One of the most exciting new developments, at least for me anyways, is that you said "mama".  At first I didn't know if you associated it with me, but you definitely do.  You will say "mama" and then when I look at you, you get a huge grin on your face.  Most of the time you only say it while you're whining, but you have said it a few times when you're not whining.  You have also made the "ba" sound.

You have been sleeping on your belly and you seem to prefer that the most.  At first, you rolled onto your side and slept like that, but then when you rolled onto your belly, you would wake up and freak out.  Now, you almost immediately roll onto your belly and stay there all night.  Sleep is going fairly well, with typically only one wake up before you're up for the day.  You still get a bottle before bed.  Recently, you haven't been falling asleep while you eat.  However, once you're finished eating, I give you a kiss and put you in your bed and you fall asleep.  I'm proud of you!  I've even done that during some nap times.  You don't fall asleep nursing, so I just put you in bed.  Most of the times for naps you fuss or cry some, but you go to sleep quickly.  I think that you just don't like being alone.  Well actually, I know that you don't like being alone.  But, you fidget and wiggle when I rock you, so I just put you in your bed.
Changing your diaper is starting to get interesting.  If you're on your changing table, you twist yourself around and try to reach whatever you can behind you.  I keep a few things on your table which help hold your attention for the few minutes that it takes to change you.

You have no desire to crawl or become mobile at all!  If I put you on your belly, you tolerate it for a few minutes, but don't try to move at all.  You never even really try to roll around.  You'll figure it out.  I know that once it clicks, you will love being mobile.  I have a feeling that you are going to be into everything!

You still aren't crazy about food.  I try to give you tastes of things, but you just aren't interested.  However, we all went to lunch at Olive Garden one day and I let you have a taste of my chicken and gnocchi soup.  Oh boy!  You absolutely loved that!  I couldn't spoon it into your mouth fast enough.  Same with crawling, I know that once you are ready, you will love food.  I mean, you are your father's child after all!
I am so anxious to see what this next month holds for you.  I know that the next few months will be so full of exciting changes.  I'm sure that you'll start teething, and becoming mobile.  Things are about to get so fun.  I know that your sister is going to be thrilled when you start moving around.  She's so anxious for you to keep up with her!  Her thoughts might change a little bit when you start getting into her stuff though.  She'll still love you fiercely.  We all do, buddy.  We all love you fiercely!

Love you forever,

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