Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Expecting #2

So, I'm pregnant again!  I can't believe that it's been two months since I've last blogged.  There really isn't any excuse for it, just pure laziness.  So, let's recap what's been going on.

After lots of discussion, Drew and I did decide to do a transfer last year.  October 24, 2013 to be exact, one day before our five year anniversary.  At the end of the day, we just didn't really want to wait.  There was no guarantee that things would be easy and that there wouldn't be problems, so we figured that now (then) was just as good a time as any.  

We did have a few speed bumps along the way before we got to the actual transfer.  At one of my baseline ultrasounds, Dr. D was checking my uterus, tubes, and ovaries.  He saw some cysts on my ovaries, which I mentioned on another post, but then he also saw something in my fallopian tube.  He said that it might be a hydrosalpinx, which could cause some issues with a pregnancy.  He couldn't be certain without further testing.  After some discussion with Drew, and some more discussion with Dr. D, we decided to just leave it alone and pray for the best.  I started taking Estradiol and progesterone in oil injections and prepared for the transfer.

Drew, Annelise, and I all drove into the lab that we use in Chicago on October 24th.  When they called us back, the nurse informed me that children weren't allowed back in the room.  I was beyond angry.  No one ever told me that children weren't allowed, and I was always able to bring Annelise to any appointment that I had at my RE office.  So, Drew took Annelise outside to wait and I went back to the room by myself.  I sat there on the verge of tears the whole time.  I was so irritated that my husband wouldn't be able to be in the room when we transferred our embryo.  When the doctor came in to talk to me, she could see that I was upset and asked me what was wrong.  I told her everything and she really offered no sympathy.  Shortly before they were going to begin the procedure, the nurse came in and told me that she had looked for Drew because she was going to watch Annelise while Drew came back for the transfer, but she couldn't find him.  I later found out that he was near the parking garage letting Annelise play.  And, of course, I had awful reception in the room and could barely send or receive texts.  

Transfer went very well, my lining looked great, embryo was beautiful and was already hatching.  I spent the rest of the day at home resting.

I had my first beta on November 1st, and it was 88.9.  Officially pregnant!  Second beta was November 4th and had risen to 324!

Our first ultrasound was November 15th and we were able to see the beautiful flicker of the heartbeat.  Everything looked great!

I have felt wonderful this time around.  I've been nauseous some, but no puking!  I have been taking a Unisom every night before bed, and I really think that has helped my nausea.

Annelise will point to my belly and say "baby", and when we took her to my first ultrasound with my OB, as soon as Dr. M put the baby up on the screen, she pointed at it and said "baby".  Even now, every time she sees the ultrasound picture, she will say "baby".  I don't think she truly understands that there will be a new baby here in a few months.  But, I do think that she is going to absolutely love the new baby.  She is obsessed with babies.  I'm so excited to see her as a big sister.  I do have moments where I get a little sad knowing that my time with her as my only child is growing shorter and shorter.  I'm trying to soak up all the moments that I can, and Drew and I have some exciting trips planned for us to enjoy our last time as a family of three.


Words Like Swords said...

I'm so happy for you guys,Tania!!!!!

Tania said...

Thanks Erika!!